Twist tie School

10 hanndy ways to reuse twist ties (

1, Wrangle up the cords behind the computer desk.
2, Before going to bed, section wet hair into a small segment, twist and turn them into a small coils, and secure them with twist ties. You will wake up with a head full of ringlets.
3, Band stalks together or secur them to a trellis in your garden.
4, Fashion a make-shift hanger for light pictures or artwork from a repurposed bread tie.
5, Strip the paper from a twist tie for a nice piece of wire that has multiple around-the-house uses, like a temporary for a missing eyeglass screw.
6, Has one of your coats lost its zipper pull? Use a twist tie as a makeshift zipper pull.
7, Turn a twist tie into a locking device for suitcase zippers or hamster cage doors.
8, String together some of lighter tools used for related puepose, such as the paint scrapers and/or brushes of various sizes, which always have a hole in the handle.
9, Keep a couple of them in the side pocket of my travel bag. You never know when or how they might come in handy.
10, Can be used to attach balloons for decoration in a party instead of using string.

About Twist ties (

A twist tie is a metal wire encased in a thin strip of paper or plastic used to tie the openings of bags such as garbage bags or bread bags. They are often included with boxes of plastic food bags or trash bags, and are commonly available individually in pre-cut lengths, on large spools, or in perforated sheets called gangs.
The original twist tie was invented by the California based packaging company T and T Industries, Inc. It was patented in 1939 and marketed as the Twist-Ems.

Twist ties Artwork

What do the different colors of Twist ties on loaves of bread in the store signify?

A twist tie is It depends on the bread retailers.

Often a retailer will use colored twist ties to indicate the date on which the bread was baked, or the day it expires. For example, they may use the following key:
Red: Monday
Blue: Tuesday
Yellow: Wednesday
White: Thursday
Green: Friday

Or, different colors of twist ties/plastic tabs may be used on different varieties of bread. When a delivery person has cases of bread that are stacked on top of one another, it's easier to just look at the fastener and know that a white fastener is white bread, green is whole wheat, etc.



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